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-- UniFi (UEWA)

Ubiquiti Networks, UniFi Enterprise WLAN training:

Prices: Click here >>>

Ubiquiti UniFi-Certified Admin

The Ubiquiti® Enterprise Wireless Admin (UEWA)course is the second course offered by the Ubiquiti Training Academy. This course is designed to prepare professionals to meet the challenges faced by today's enterprise networks through hands-on lab activities using UAPs and the UniFi controller.

Course Outline

  • Overview of Enterprise Networks
  • WLAN Fundamentals
  • WLAN Planning
  • Comprehensive UniFi Configuration
  • Advanced Adoption Techniques
  • Guest Portal & Hotspot Integration
  • WLAN Troubleshooting

UniFi Schedule / Dates:

Sweden: (Swedish/

Denmark: (Danish)

Norway: (Swedish)
Finland: (English)

- Ubiquiti UniFi Certified Admin UCA Ubiquiti Certified Admin UniFi (Swedish)

20-21 may

- Ubiquiti UniFi Certified Admin UCA Ubiquiti Certified Admin UniFi (Swedish/English in Oslo)

 25-26 aug

- Ubiquiti UniFi Certified Admin UCA Ubiquiti Certified Admin UniFi (Danish)

9-10 juni

- Ubiquiti UniFi Certified Admin UCA Ubiquiti Certified Admin UniFi (Swedish)

- Ubiquiti UniFi Certified Admin UCA Ubiquiti Certified Admin UniFi (Danish)

Prices: Click here >>>

 OBS! Remember to select the correct currency up in the corner before you see the right prices for your country.

How to book? Go back and click on "how to book a seat" under the training meny above.



We close today 12.00. Winther is going on kick-off

We celebrate our 5 year anniversary and is going on a kick-off after 12.00 and in the weekend. We re-open monday at 08.30. Keep emailing and placing orders in the webshop. Have a great weekend.

SIKLU - New supplier - 60-70-80 GHz 1000Mbps links

Siklu offer links up to 6km with 100-1000Mbps on licensed channels, TDD and FDD, already in stock

EDGECORE - New supplier - L2/L3 switches with for fiber and copper networks

EDGECORE offer a whole range switches for Fiber networks offfering SFP ports or copperports. They also offer large datacenter models as well smaller models with or without PoE. Edgecore has made compliance tests with the swedish SSNF group.

Winther tecknar avtal med Kjell & Company

Kjell & Company har lanserat en rad Ubiquiti produkter i sina butiker och på sin hemsida.

Dustin tecknar avtal med Winther Wireless

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