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Symmetrical Horn SH-TP 5-50 5GHz 50° symmetrical deg 14

Why Symmetrical Horns?

Symmetrical Horn antennas have symmetrical beam pattern in both horizontal and vertical
panes. The beam pattern does not vary with frequency, antenna gain is balanced over
wide frequency range. Symmetrical Horn antennas are low loss and have attenuated side
radiation lobes. These makes them excellent for use as Sector antennas.

Benefits of wide vertical beam width

Symmetrical Sectors antennas have wide vertical beamwidth that provides benefits in coverage pattern

More Coverage without Null

Symmetrical Sectors cover more area than traditional Sectors with
narrow vertical beamwidth. Symmetrical Sectors have no issues
with connecting close clients.

Easy Co-location

As a result of very low sidelobes of horn
antennas, Symmetrical Sectors are ideal
for cluster deployments and co-location.

TwistPort Connector

Connecting Simper Radios to Sector
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