We do not accept returned items/merchandise without a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. Returns received without authorization will not be processed for replacement or repair.

From the date you receive an approved RMA number from us, we must receive the item(s) within 14 working days at our warehouse adress, or you right to claim an RMA process will be voided.

We offer 1 year warranty on Teltonika products from the date they're shipped from our warehouse.


1. Teltonika will repair the product, because of this we cannot send any replacement products. Normal repair time is 2-3 weeks.

2. Create a Request for RMA by logging in to our RMA website. If you do not have an account yet, please click SIGNUP and provide accurate information such as name, shipping address and a valid email address.

Please note that this account is not the same as in our webshop!

3. Please provide a detailed description of the reason for returning the product. You must test the product yourself and describe in details the actual product error/sympthom. If you do not add a describtion your RMA request maybe voided.

4. We will review your request within 3 business days, do not send your item until you have received an RMA Number. You will receive a notification email when your RMA Request is approved. You can also log in to our system anytime to check the status of your request.

5. Upon receiving an RMA Number, login to our RMA website to print your RMA form, add the RMA form(list of items) with BAR code to the shipment.

6. You must use an external box around for shipping to protect the parts from damage during transport.

7. You take full responsibility for all risks during transport to our warehouse adress.

8. When you ship items back to us:

A. From within Sweden: Send the items using any freight service you prefer. 

B. Export from an EU country: Send the items with no value to avoid delays and customs delay

C. Export from a none-EU conuntry: Make sure you add a copy of the original invoice or the customs process will be delayed. This will also ease the return process once we replace/repair the item and ship it back you.

9. We'll not accept new orders as a replacement for your RMA, all new orders will be treated as such and has nothing to do with your RMA.

10. We do not offer advance replacement, if you need a replacement product quickly, please order a new one but please keep in mind that it will be separate from your RMA and a new replacement unit will be sent to you once all test has been made.

Please note that we don't pay the freight cost for the RMA return to us, but if the RMA is approved and exchanged we'll pay the freight for returning it to you.



If you accept these terms please proceed to our RMA Portal by following the link below:

If you have any other question don't hesitate to ask us on